Azure Malta

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Malta during summer has not what I would call an obvious appealing landscape. It consists of low hills with terraced fields which are all dried out during the hot summer months. But Malta has an amazing coast with lovely bays where you can swim or dive in clear water. Together with the sky in all shades of blue, this scenery is almost too cheesy.

Besides sea and sky, you can find azure in many different places on Malta and Gozo. Windows, doors, houses or buildings in general, cars, boats, … it seems that azure is the favorite color there. They even have an attraction called Azure Window – an natural limestone arch on the island Gozo. And right next to Azure Window, you can find the Inland Sea and the blue grotto which lives up to its reputation. On all my travels through Europe I have seen such clear and deep-blue water very rarely. So if you are not so much interested on the cultural part, I still can recommend Malta to water lovers and friends of the color blue.

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