Day and night in Zagreb

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It has been a while but I finally managed to travel again! This time we took a roadtrip through beautiful Croatia – in sum over 2.400 km in a week. So we visited a lot amazing places from North to our most southern point Dubrovnik, and that’s the reason why you’ll find several posts about this adventure in the following weeks on my blog. But let’s start with our first stop: Zagreb!

Zagreb is a truly beautiful and busy city, and I can’t believe it took me so long to get there. By car, Zagreb is less than a 4 hours drive away from Vienna what makes it the perfect city also for a week-end trip. And that’s something I’ll definitely do in future…
The best place to start a visit – and a day as well – is the big market right in the city centre. The Dolac is both, an outside and inside market and you’ll find nearly everything from fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, flowers, herbs and many more things. There are also several cafes and bars around so you can get breakfast there as well.

Other places you should visit as well: the Botanical Garden, the Stone Gate, St. Mark’s Church and some the several museums like the Museum of Broken Relationships – and no, that’s not a joke! Zagreb is also the place to be if your interested in Native or Contemporary Art. Since we had a tight schedule, I’ll visit more exhibitions during my next visit.

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